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Oil Solvent Extraction of Rice Bran Cake


What is oil solvent extraction of rice bran cake Technology?

Solvent extraction production line is means that used N-hexane) (C6H14) solvent, soak and spraying to the prepress cake, and the oil was extracted from the oil material, and the oil yield could reach 99.5%, it is the more advanced rice bran oil extraction technology at the moment.

Solvent oil extractor divide to 3 types, please check the flowing:

1. Towline extractor : The amount of processing is ≥7000T/D .

2. Ring extractor : The amount of processing is ≥3000T/D.

3.Rotocel extractor: The amount of processing is ≤1500T/D.

What is Advantages of oil solvent extraction of rice bran cake?

1. High oil yield, and the residual oil is less than 1%.

2. High quality cake. Solvent has a strong ability to extract oil, so that it can get oil without heating completely to use solvent extraction method, and protect rich of soluble protein in water, and the cake could be used to make vegetable protein.

3. Lower labor strength.

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